Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus Vac-Con Combination Truck Testimonial

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Here’s a couple of action shots (our favorite!) of a combination truck in action from the Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey Department of Public Works.

1st picture is a valve replacement, its hard to make out but there is a storm drain line on one side and red rock underneath and on the other side.
Next two pictures is a water main break directly under a gas main and <...> two gas lines on both ends also

The remaining pictures are of two water main breaks at the same location with what I would call a mess of gas lines on top. We patched a 4 and a six underneath.

When we purchased our Vac-con Jet/Vac combination truck, we thought it would be used at most half of the year. After the truck was delivered we realized it would be used much more than that. Having the ability to hydro excavate has made this piece of equipment a must have. From digging curb boxes to cleaning graffiti off concrete, the amount of different jobs it can do and help with are too many to list.
— Dan Priestner, Water Supervisor Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus

Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus purchased one of the trucks we had in our rental fleet. If you are currently renting with us or planning to rent, we have special lease-to-purchase options you can find out more about by calling our office number (908) 203-0999