Hydro-Excavation: Are You Still Digging? (with video)

History of hydro excavation goes back to hydraulic mining, all the way in mid 1900's, so this business is nothing new.
There are numerous reasons why hydro excavation should be chosen over using a backhoe or manual labor only, here' is our take on it through the experience with a
Vac-Con X-Cavator.

  • X-Cavator allows your job to be more clear-cut.
    • You work with a high-pressure water handgun and an air vacuum boom. This makes it easier to dig exactly in the area where work has to be done, without making a big mess.
    • Gentle on pipes and cables, but tough on roots and soil.
      In the example we have here, our mission was to replace a fire hydrant. It was located in a residential area between two trees. Big roots, TV cables, and gas pipes were involved.
      • Digging with a backhoe or manual labor sounds dangerous!
        With an  X-Cavator and a couple of people you can get this job done in one day.


    • Boom! And the job is done.
      if the street your job located is small or there are difficulties with stopping traffic, our boom rotates 270 degrees, with an up to 10 feet boom extension which gives you flexibility on where and how to park the X-Cavator.


    • Less time and money, More quality!
      Hydro X-Cavator only requires 2 people to fully operate this machine!


    If you are interested in the advantages of hydro-excavating for your business, and want to know if Vac-Con X-Cavator is right for your job, please contact us at
    908-203-0999 with any of your questions!

    (you can also request a demo!)



    p.s. We STRONGLY SUGGEST that for any of your combination truck or hydro-excavation truck jobs you use SONETICS noise-cancelling headsets to create a safe and more efficient work atmosphere. 

    (click on the word SONETICS for more info)