Lateral Launch Systems



The Rausch Lateral Launch System, the M 135, launches a small pan & tilt camera, the KS 60 CL, into laterals from the mainline. It is a module for the L 135 tractor / crawler. Can be sold either as a standalone lateral launch system or as a module upgrade to a mainline TV Inspection, QuickLock Point Repair or Laser Profiling System. Application range from 6" to 48" mainline pipe diameter.

Main Features:

  • Application range: 6" to 48" pipe diameters
  • Up to 150 ft of lateral push distance.
  • Up to 550 ft of mainline cable.
  • Automatically synchronized cable reels.
  • Electronic distance counter.
  • Quick-Connect to the tractor for extremely easy and quick set up. (Plug & Play)
  • Connects to electric lift of the L 135 tractor.
  • ZKM 135 auxiliary camera for direct observation of launch.
  • High-power LED's in the PM135 for accurate positioning and camera insertion.
  • PM 135 can position the lateral camera to launch into angles greater than 90°.
  • SKM 135 launch module pushes the camera into the lateral, and can launch against the flow.

Other available options include:

  • KS 60 CL Pan & Tilt Lateral Camera
  • SAT 40 Auto-Upright Lateral Camera

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